1-23-07 Deer In The Morning: Photos Of Three Deer At The Edge Of The Woods


This morning I got up, did my work-out and went into the kitchen to make coffee.  I always take a good look out the kitchen window every morning to see what visitors we may have at the pond.  This morning I was delighted to see that there were three deer passing through at the edge of the woods just beyond the pond.  Of course, I ran to get my camera.  When I returned with my camera, our parrots were doing their morning vocalizations, screaming their little heads off, which seemed to catch the attention of the deer.  They kept looking at the house and listening intently to the parrots.

They stayed just on the other side of the pond, listening and looking, probably wondering what was making that strange noise.  Those orange dots you see in the background are tangerines.  There is a wild tangerine tree back in the woods, just visible from the house.

The tangerines are way too sour for my taste, but I’m sure someone with more culinary talent than I could whip them into a delicious treat.  If anyone (and you know who you are) has a recipe for wild, sour tangerines, I would love to have it.

The deer kept a close eye on the house, listening to the parrots, as they slowly meandered through the yard, staying just at the edge of the woods.

It seemed like at any moment they might bolt into the woods, but they kept their cool, while remaining intensely alert.

This deer appears to have had a mishap. It seems to have a fairly large laceration on its left hind leg.

Anyway, all good things come to an end, such is the nature of this world.  There is a story about a king who once challenged his court to give him one phrase which had the power to make him happy when he was sad, and make him sad when he was happy.  A very wise man at court whispered to the king, “And this too shall pass.”  And so, the deer continued their journey, leaving me to get my last photos as they departed.

And off they go, into the woods.

And off I go to make my coffee and get to work.