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Wild Peacocks Come Calling




A few weeks ago, we got two peacocks for the farm.  The three year old peacock we named Bert and the 3 month old peacock we named Ernie.  Bert has been doing a lot of loud vocalization, as male peacocks typically do during this time of year.

This afternoon, James looked out the window and there were three male peacocks strutting around our pond.  We had heard peacocks in the distance before, but did not know where they were and we had never seen them before.  They must have been hearing Bert calling out and they came around to investigate the new peacock in the neighborhood.  Of course, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots.

Here they are on the far side of the pond:

Now they are making there way around the side of the pond, coming toward the house and Bert and Ernie's pen.


They went over and paid a visit to St. Francis.

Below is a photo of Bert that I took while the other peacocks were walking around by the pond.  Bert was watching them intently.


We watched them for a while after I took these photos and then a little later, we looked out back and did not see them at first.  Then we spotted them over by Bert and Ernie's pen.  They walked all around the pen, visiting with Bert and Ernie for a while, and then departed through our neighbor's field (below).

We are hoping that they will continue to come visit Bert and Ernie, as they are so beautiful to watch.

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