Photography By Marx

Trip to NC - May 2011




This first photo is of a rural airport that was a couple of miles from where we stayed:



This is the cottage where we stayed.  It had a large covered porch off the living room:



The next set of photos were taken around the grounds of the cottage and the neighboring farm.  They had flowers blooming everywhere:







There were a few chickens that roamed the gardens during the day and were cooped up at night:




The only downside was that the cottage porch had a beautiful view of a hill in the distance and on the hill was a cemetery which had a small building with a huge cross on top of the building.  During the day you would hardly notice it, but at night, it was lit with bright light bulbs that pierced the night sky:




The next set of photos were taken at the Biltmore Estate:










One day we hiked a mountain trail up to a spectacular waterfall.  Most of the photos in the next set were taken during our hike:




One day we drove by a place with a large sign that says "The Inn - A Christian Training Center" and across the street is the Wayah Witchery Wiccan Pagan Center.  The pagan's sign appeared to have been hit with eggs numerous times:



We stopped by our friend's house in Franklin, where we stayed in the fall, and they had some beautiful iris in bloom:




This is a beautiful lake that we drove my many times on our way to Highlands:



One day we drove up to the top of Wayan Bald Mountain.  There is a tower at the top, which provides a 360 degree view from the mountain top:




Last year we climbed to the top of Whiteside Mountain.  You can see the peak on the right side of the photo:



Needless to say, it was a wonderful trip.