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A Wood Stork Eating a Fish




The Wood Stork was at the pond all day today.  He had some good luck fishing, and one of the fish he caught seemed almost too big for him to swallow.  He eventually was able to swallow it.  Here is a video, showing him eating the fish. 

** Click two times on the play button in the center of the picture to play the video  **

I spent most of the day burning yard debris, mostly trees that we had cut down earlier in the year.  The Wood Stork seemed fascinated by the large fire in the field, not far from the pond.  He spent a couple of hours late in the afternoon standing in the shade, staring at the fire.  Here is a photo of him watching the fire:


As you can see, he is under the watchful eye of St. Francis of Assisi:


After it got dark, I went back out with my camera and got this shot of the fire at night:

There is something magical about a fire at night.

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