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A Red-shouldered Hawk Seeks Refuge




I haven't seen many hawks around recently and when I have seen them, they are usually being chased or harassed by a blue jay or a mockingbird, probably trying to keep the hawk away from a nest.  I heard a commotion outside and saw a mockingbird chasing a red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus).  The hawk landed in a pine tree behind our house, where it appeared to be seeking refuge from the mockingbird.  The mockingbird flew away, but I was able to get some shots of the hawk.  At first, the hawk did not pay me much attention.













As I got a little closer, he seemed to take more notice of me photographing him.









He glared at me for quite some time.





Then, with the mockingbird long gone and this guy with a camera getting ever closer, the hawk departed.



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