Bamboo For You

Photos From The Bamboo Farm

These are a collection of photographs and stories from

around the farm at Bamboo For You that I have shared with

family and friends.  Although they are not necessarily related to

bamboo, all of the photographs were taken at our bamboo farm and

reflect my love of nature and photography.  Since they seem to have brought

some pleasure to those we know, I am hoping that they will also bring some to you.

If you would like to see some of my photos that are not necessarily from the farm, click here.


Fall - 2014
Spotted Fawn and Turkeys
Bamboo Growth In Eight Months
4-4-2010 The Easter Bunny
7-20-08 More Black-bellied Whistling Duck Photos
7-20-08 Eastern Bluebird Babies
7-13-08 A Little Blue Heron At The New Pond
7-13-08 A Cardinal On The Railing
7-11-08 A Red-Shouldered Hawk
7-8-08 The Peacocks And Some New Guineas
7-8-08 Eastern Bluebird With Breakfast
6-29-08 Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks
6-28-08 A Kitten In A Coma
5-11-08 A Duck And A Guinea Share A Nest
3-7-08 Eastern Bluebirds Defend Their Nest
12-25-07 A Wild Turkey Visits Our Peacocks On Christmas
12-23-07 We Bring Home The East African Crowned Cranes
11-23-07 The East African Crowned Cranes
11-22-07 A Study Of The Little Blue Heron
11-20-07 A Fox Squirrel
11-18-07 A Wild Turkey At Thanksgiving
10-27-07 Peacocks Set Free
10-14-07 Ibis, Hawk, Blue Bird, Warbler, Vulture, And More
8-29-07 Two Bucks By The Pond
8-25-07 Pine Tree And Palm Tree At Dusk
8-17-07 The Wild Peacocks Return And One Puts On A Display
8-11-07 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks: A Visit From Three Rare Ducks
8-11-07 Wild Peacocks Come Calling: Three Male Peacocks Come To Visit Our Peacocks
7-29-07 Deer At Dusk: A Visit From A Buck & A Doe
7-29-07 Our Rouen Ducks with Adult Plumage: Our Ducks Have Grown Up
7-28-07 The Peacocks Arrive: We Purchased Two Peacocks For The Farm
3-13-07  A Visit From Another Otter: A Few Photos Of A Young Otter In Our Pond
2-27-07 The Rouen Ducklings Arrive: The Growth Of Our Ducklings Over Six Weeks
2-3-07 A Mockingbird In Love With Himself & Other Stuff: Photos & A Video
1-25-07 A Surprise At The Pond: A Lot Of Photographs & A Video
1-23-07 Deer In The Morning: Photos Of Three Deer At The Edge Of The Woods
1-16-07 Wood Stork Eating An Eel: A Video That's Not For The Squeemish
1-15-07 Wood Stork Eating a Fish: A Video & Photos
1-15-07 Four Birds At The Pond: Anhinga, Hooded Merganser, Wood Stork, & White Heron
1-13-07 A Visit From A Great Blue Heron: Several Photos Of The Heron At Our Pond
1-9-2007 The Great Blue Heron, A Visit From The Hooded Merganser, & A Wood Stork
12-30-06 Sounds Of The Country: A Short Video Of Clouds & Country Sounds
12-30-2006 Creek Dog Meditation: Just One Photo That Invites Meditation
12-30-06 The Merganser Event: Our First Encounter With This Remarkable Duck


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