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The Peacocks And Some New Guineas




We decided to get some more guineas, since we had lost three of our original six to predators.  When James and I were at the feed store the other day, we noticed a sign on the bulletin board for guineas for sale.  I got the phone number and called.  It turns out that the breeder is just a few miles down the highway from us (which practically makes him a next door neighbor out here in the country).  Anyway, to make a long story shorter, we got six guinea keets (young guineas) from him.  Here are some photos of the new arrivals, as well as some photos of our peacocks and our adult guineas.

















This is Herbie, the peacock, with two of the adult guineas.




Here is Ernie, the blue peacock on the left, with the three adult guineas, and Herbie.














The photo below is our peacock, Ernie.  It had rained in the afternoon and Ernie was up on the railing of our back deck, picking at my Wollemi Pine tree.  This is actually a color photo, but the light was so low and the background was so bright, that it appears to be black and white.



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