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Peacocks Set Free To Roam




Our peacocks have been kept in an aviary, so that they can bond with each other and get familiar with their surroundings, but the time has arrived for them to have an opportunity to roam the farm.  James let them out of their aviary, so that they could explore.  I got my camera and took some photos.  Here they are heading over toward the statue of St. Francis.  It is amazing how animals seem to be attracted to this statue.  In the first photo, Burt, the three year old India Blue Peacock is on the left and Ernie, the six month old Black-Shouldered Peacock, is on the right.  You can see how Ernie has just begun to get some color in his feathers.









Here they are by one of the flowering bushes (Calliandra haematocephala) that we have by the pond.  The flowers you see in the background are the water hyacinth in bloom.








In the photo below, you can see the colorful tail feathers that Burt is just beginning to grow, that will become the long display feathers that he will have in the spring.


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