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The Peacocks Arrive




James got his peacocks yesterday.  It was rather sudden.  He was not planning on getting them until later in August, but when he called Rodney, the peacock breeder, on Wednesday, Rodney told him that he knew someone who had a 3 year old India Blue Peacock that they needed to find a home for quickly, as they were moving and they could not take the peacock with them. 

James said that he would take the bird, which needed to be picked up on Saturday.  Rodney indicated that when James came on Saturday to get the 3 year old peacock, he could also pick up the baby peacock that he had been raising for James. 

We had no place to keep the peacocks, and the adult can fly, so James and I frantically worked on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to get an aviary constructed for the birds.  I took a few quick snapshots this morning, just to have some photos to share with you.  I'll be taking more as time permits. 

Below is the 3 years old male India Blue Peacock.





The photo below show the 3 year old male on the left and the 3 month old male on the right in the cage.  We need to keep them separate until they get used to each other.  The little 3 year old male is a Black-Shouldered Peacock.  When he matures, he will look almost identical to the India Blue Peacock, except he will have darker colored feathers around the shoulder area.

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