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Bamboo Plant Care

Before Planting

Do not let your potted plant dry out.  The plants that we sell have well established root systems and are ready to be planted in the ground.  If you are unable to plant in the ground immediately, check the plant daily to ensure that the soil is not dry.  Purchase a good quality potting soil.  The best soil for bamboo is a light soil that contains a lot of peat and other organic matter.  Since bamboo likes good water drainage, a soil that contains vermiculite is good.



Dig a hole that is at least twice the diameter of the pot and is about 50% deeper than the pot (or at least 2 feet deep).  The larger the diameter of the hole the better.  If your soil is sandy, remove the sandy soil from the hole and set aside. 

Place dry potting soil into the hole and pack it firmly.  Remove the plant from the pot and plant it to a depth so that the soil level of the plant is the same as the surrounding ground.  Firmly pack potting soil around the plant, filling up the hole to the level of the surrounding ground. 

Using some of the sandy soil removed from the hole, create a donut-shaped mound of earth, a few inches high, all around the plant at the edge of the filled hole.  This will help retain the water around the plant when you water the plant.


Bamboo, like most plants, enjoys a good, thorough watering, when the surface soil begins to get a little dry. 


Potted Bamboo:  Be sure to check daily for dryness in the surface soil of your potted plant and water it when the surface soil begins to feel a little dry.  The surest way to kill a potted bamboo plant is to let it dry out.

Bamboo in the Ground:  Water the newly planted bamboo until the soil becomes saturated and the water begins to back up to a depth of an inch.  Repeat this several times over the next several hours, to ensure that all of the potting soil has absorbed water and that any air trapped in the hole has bubbled up to the surface.

Water the planted bamboo approximately once a week, or as needed.  Do not over water let the surface of the soil just begin to dry before watering.



Wait about 3 weeks before fertilizing.  Use a good quality, time-released, high nitrogen fertilizer, such as Lesco 13-3-13 time release Palm and Ornamental fertilizer.  If you are planting between Oct. Dec., you may apply a small amount of fertilizer and then do not fertilize again until February.  From Feb. Sept. you may apply fertilizer liberally.  Bamboo enjoys a lot a food during the growing season.  You can also put mulch around the bamboo plant.  Bamboo likes mulch.


The Magic of Bamboo !

Throughout recorded history, bamboo has inspired poets and philosophers, craftsmen and musicians, healers and warriors.  Bamboo's ability to yield to force without breaking, yet remain strong as steel, has been a model for the ideal human character.

For much of the world's population, bamboo has been a primary source of shelter, food, tools, furniture, toys, musical instruments, medicine, weapons, and so much more.  It is no wonder that bamboo has held such a distinguished place of honor by both ancient and modern civilizations.

In China, bamboo symbolizes eternal youth, while in Vietnam it is considered a brother to mankind.  Revered throughout Asia for centuries, celebrated in prose and poetry, paintings and art - bamboo is only now beginning to be appreciated in the west.

The gentle whisper of its rustling leaves and the primal music of cane striking cane as it dances gracefully in the wind is an experience that stirs the heart and soothes the soul.  So, BEWARE, or you may be captured by the beauty, the energy, the majesty, and the mystery of this remarkable plant.  Just as we have -- you, too, may fall under the spell of the magic of bamboo.


Part of the enchantment of bamboo lies in its amazing growth.  Some varieties are the fastest growing plants on the planet.  A bamboo plant in Japan produced a culm (cane) that had a recorded growth of over 47 inches in just 24 hours.

Some "running" bamboos produce long rhizomes that will grow, hidden, just under the surface of the earth.  These hidden rhizomes produce new bamboo plants.  Because these rhizomes can grow so far, so fast -- suddenly, like magic, a new bamboo plant will burst forth from the ground up to 20 feet away from the original plant.


Although the tremendous energy and growth of some bamboo can seem frightening, especially for the urban or suburban homeowner, there is no need to fear.  There is a type of bamboo that nature has made more congenial to the average homeowner; a clumping type of bamboo.

So, unless you have a lot of land and want to end up with a large, permanent bamboo forest on your property (and your neighbor's property as well), we recommend the clumping varieties of bamboo.  They are non-invasive and the size of the clump can be easily maintained.


Bamboo is an excellent antidote for the greenhouse gases that are poisoning our planet.  Recent research has discovered that bamboo is much more effective than other plants at absorbing carbon dioxide.  In fact, bamboo takes in almost five times more greenhouses gases than an equivalent stand of trees.  Bamboo then converts the carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, resulting in a release of oxygen.  Bamboo is so effective at this process that it produces thirty-five percent more oxygen than most trees.



At Bamboo For You, we specialize in carefully selected, ornamental varieties of tropical clumping bamboo, although we do have some special running varieties available upon consultation.

There may be over 1,200 varieties of bamboo (no one knows for sure).  Out of these, we have meticulously selected the bamboos that meet the specific needs and desires of our Florida customers.


Over half of the people in the world today come into contact with bamboo every single day!  Whether they are eating it, sitting on it (furniture), making music with it, hunting with it, or admiring it in the garden -- they are touched by it in one way or another.  Isn't it time that you let it touch you?



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  Timbre of life's will.

 Give us a call -- or send us an email -- but don't delay.

A very special Bamboo is waiting For You !

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