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A Mockingbird In Love With Himself




I was outside dividing and potting up some bamboo plants this afternoon.  At one point I began hearing a kind of fluttering sound.  I looked around but did not see anything, so I went back to the task at hand.  Then again, flutter - flutter - flutter.  This is not normal.  Something was up.  I looked around again, did not see anything, so relying on my ears, I honed in on the sound, detected the general direction from which it was coming and began to proceed in that direction.  As I came around the side of the house, I saw a Mockingbird flying around the truck.  As I observed more closely, I saw the Mockingbird flying around the passenger side window of the truck.  At first I thought that he was trying to get into the truck, but then I realized what was going on.  He was excited by his reflection in the side view mirror and the window.  I ran to the back door of the house to get my camera.  With camera in hand, I eased my way nearer and nearer, not wanting to scare off this crazy little creature.  Here are a few photos that I was able to capture on camera:

What I am much more excited about, though, is what I was able to capture on video.  Check out this crazy bird:

** Click two times on the play button in the center of the picture to play the video  **


While I've got your attention, I'll share a few photos that I took yesterday while I was strolling around the property.  This first photo is of a plant of some kind, possibly a mushroom.  I was attracted to the bright red color:


A short while later, I came upon a caterpillar.  It was in an area that appeared to have been scratched up by some woodland creature.  At first I thought that some animal had uncovered a grub and then been scared off before it could devour its find, but James later assured me that it was not a grub but a caterpillar, probably of some type of moth.  Notice the fly or wasp-like insect on it.  Some wasps will lay an egg on a larvae, which when it hatches will burrow its way inside and use the larvae as a food source.  Lovely image.


We recently saw a Pileated Woodpecker hollowing out a hole in one of the large dead pine trees that we have in the back field.  We were excited about the possibility that he might make a nest in the tree.  Well, that is not going to happen now.  We had a lot of wind the night before last and the top of the dead pine tree, which the woodpecker was hollowing out, got blown over in the wind.  The tree broke off exactly where the woodpecker had been making a hole.  When we examined the tree, it was clear why it broke off where it did.  There was a huge hole in the center of the tree where the woodpecker had been.  Here is the downed tree top:


Here you can see the cavity that had been carved out of the center of the tree.  I have inserted an arrow to point out the location of what was the entrance hole.:

We have a type of squirrel in Florida called a Fox Squirrel.  Actually, it can be found throughout the Eastern U.S., except for New England.  It is the largest tree squirrel native to North America.  Although it is usually a reddish brown fox-like color, some of them are black, black and grey, and some have white ears.  Late in the day, yesterday, I saw one at the far edge of the field, near the woods.  Because of its size and the distance from the house, the photos are not as good as I had hoped, but I'll share them with you anyway.  In this photo he is facing my direction with his head to the ground.  You can see his black head and upper torso with his white ears and grey tail.

That's it for now.  Wishing all of you all the best.

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