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Ibis, Hawk, Blue Bird, Warbler, Vulture, and More




While I was sitting out on the back deck this morning having a cup of coffee, two White Ibis came to visit, landing on the top of the pine tree by the pond:








Then some Turkey Vultures started circling over head:






A little while later, some Pine Warblers dropped in:








Shortly after the warblers arrived, the Eastern Blue Birds made an appearance.  Some of them were chasing each other around the pine trees:


At one point, one of them started hovering in the air, very much like a hummingbird.  I had never seen this before, but after seeing the photograph (below), I realized that it must have been holding its tail down to prevent forward motion, while beating its wings:


After hovering for a while, it proceeded to fly over to the tree:


I was able to get a photo of one of the bluebirds, just after it lifted off from the ground:


It then landed on the bird house for a little inspection.



Later in the morning, James and I took a walk up into the woods.  We came across this Tiger Swallowtail butterfly:




We then came upon something rather unusual, growing near the creek.  It appears to be some type of tiny mushroom:


Here is a close up:


Finally, on the way back to the house, we heard this loud whoosh behind us.  Turning quickly, we spotted two Red-shouldered Hawks.  It appeared as if one was chasing the other.  After they had disappeared into the trees, I spotted one of them beginning to circle overhead:



I'm so glad that fall has arrived, so that I can enjoy being outdoors, taking photographs around the farm.


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