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Eastern Bluebird With Breakfast




This summer we have had three different pairs of bluebirds nesting in our nesting box.  Each pair had 5 eggs.  We had heard that once the chicks leave the nest, the nest should be removed and the box cleaned out before it would be used again, but before we could clean out the nest from the first pair of bluebirds, a second pair had already started laying eggs in the nest made by the first pair.  After the second group of chicks left the nest, a third pair of bluebirds began laying eggs in the same nest.  The eggs from the third pair have just hatched and the parents are busy bringing them food.  This morning, I saw the male bluebird with a bug, so I took some photos.



He shot me a glance before flying over to the nesting box.






He makes one last look around.



Then it's feeding time.


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