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We Bring Home The East African Crowned Cranes




Yesterday we finished building the pen for the cranes and this morning we finished building the crate for capturing and transporting them.   This afternoon we drove to Zolfo Springs to pick them up.  We were concerned about how difficult it might be to get them into the crate, but it went very smoothly. 


We put the capture crate in a corner of their pen and attached a large canvas to the fence next to the crate to create a moveable canvas wall.  As James held up the canvas "wall", Larry and I slowly herded the cranes toward the crate.  James was able to move the canvas to gradually begin to encircle the cranes, so that we could herd and funnel them toward the crate.  Once the first one went into the crate, the other one quickly followed.  We then closed the door on the crate and covered it with the canvas, so that the cranes could not see out (the walls of the crate are a soft plastic mesh).  Once the crate was covered with the canvas, they quickly calmed down and remained very quiet while we loaded the crate into the back of our truck and brought them home.


When we got them home to our farm, we carried the crate into their new pen and opened the door, expecting them to come running out of the crate, but it took them a minute before they ventured out into their new home.  After watching them for a short while, I went and got my camera.  Here are some photos.


The first photos give you an idea of what the pen looks like:







Most of their pen is open, but at one end we built a covered, enclosed area that provides them with shelter from rain and wind, as well as a private place to hang out.



A few minutes after they were in their new pen, they began discovering bugs and started foraging around, gobbling up whatever insects they could find.







They seem very relaxed in their new home.










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