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A Duck And Guinea Sharing A Nest




I was walking around the farm the other day, over by the peacock pen, when I noticed something white under the Calliandra bush by the pond.  I went over to investigate and discovered a nest, tucked away deep under the bush. 



As I looked closer, I realized that there were two different bird eggs in the nest. 



Since the ducks and the guineas have been mating recently, I assumed that the large white eggs are from the Rouen duck and that the smaller tan speckled eggs are from one of the guineas. 



I had noticed for the past week that the two male Rouen ducks are around in the morning, but the female was not with them.  I would not see her until later in the morning.  I thought this was strange, since they are always together.  After discovering the nest, the next morning I got my binoculars and looked at the Calliandra bush.  Sure enough, there was the female duck sitting on the nest, while the two male ducks were off wandering around the property.  She is fairly well concealed, as you can see.  The nest is also located close to the peacock and guinea pen.  The smell from the pen probably provides additional safety for the duck, as I would think that it would be more difficult for a predator to sniff her out under the bush.






The next morning I took another picture of her on the nest, apparently unconcerned that a guinea had laid a number of eggs in her nest.  



It appears that the duck sits on the eggs all night and then once the sun is up and it starts getting warm out, she leaves the nest and spends the day hanging out with her male companions.  On one occasion during the day, we discovered one of the guinea hens taking a turn at sitting on the nest.



She only sat on the nest for a few minutes and then got up and left.  That is the only time that we have seen the guinea on the nest.  What a clever little bird - getting the duck to do all the nesting work for her.



We are certainly hoping that the eggs will hatch, as it will be a lot of fun having baby ducks and baby guineas around the farm this spring.


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