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Eastern Bluebird Babies




Usually the opening of our Eastern Bluebird nesting box looks just like a black hole, but when I looked at the box this morning, I could see that something was different, so I went and got my camera.






As I moved a bit closer, I could clearly see that there were bluebird chicks peeking out of the opening.






When the baby bluebirds saw me approaching their nest, they ducked down out of site for a while, but I was patient and after a few minutes they started peeking out again.


















Although I got the occasional glance, they seemed to be searching the sky, looking up from side to side.






Finally, what they were looking for arrived - mommy with a tasty bug.














Then there was more searching the sky for the next meal.






A few minutes later, daddy arrived with more food for a wide open mouth.




The babies are growing up fast and will be leaving the nest soon.  This will make a total of fifteen baby bluebirds from the three broods that we have had in our nesting box this spring and summer.


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Bamboo For You