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Bamboo Growth In One Growing Season





The photos below show the growth of the bamboo plants on our farm from March 18, 2007 to November 17, 2007.  In the first set of photos, you can see the growth of Bambusa glaucophylla (1), Bambusa textilis gracilis (2), and Bambusa chungii (3).




In the next set of photos, you can see the growth of Bambusa chungii (3), Dendrocalamus minor Amoenus (4), Bambusa dolichomerithalla Silverstripe (5), Gigantochloa atroviolacea (6), and Bambusa tuldoides ventricosa (7).  Yes, there really are plants in the ground at 5, 6, and 7.  They were young plants with only a couple of canes and little foliage.



In the next set of photos, you can see the growth of Bambusa vulgaris Wamin (8), Bambusa textilis maculata (9), and the Bambusa glaucophylla (1).



Below are photos showing the growth of Bambusa vulgaris Vittata (10), Bambusa chungii Barbellata (11), Bambusa malingensis (12), and Bambusa luteostriata (13).



Below are a set of photos showing one of our fields of bamboo.  In the first photo it is difficult to see most of the bamboo that is planted in the field because the young plants are so small and have such little foliage.  You can see the dramatic difference in just one growing season.



Below you can see the growth of Dendrocalamus brandisii (14), Bambusa lako (15), Guadua angustifolia Bicolor (16), Bambusa burmanica (17), and Bambusa gibba (18), to name just a few.  You may need to zoom in on the first photo to actually see the plants.



Finally, we have a field of running bamboos.  Most of these we have not grown before and we are experimenting with them to see how well they will grow and how large they will get in this climate zone.  If they perform well, we will begin propagating them for sale.  The ones numbered in the photos are Phyllostachys bambusoides Castillon (19), Phyllostachys nigra Henon (20), Phyllostachys nigra Daikokuchiku (21), Phyllostachys vivax Aureocaulis (22), Phyllostachys aurea Holochrysa (23), Semiarundinaria makinoi (24), and Sinobambusa tootsik albostriata (25).


Thanks for watching us grow.

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